T2K PhD students win thesis prizes

May 31, 2016

Two former T2K PhD students have won thesis awards for their work on T2K.

Dr Patrick de Perio won the CAP Division of Particle Physics Thesis Award for his thesis entitled “Joint Three-Flavour Oscillation Analysis of νμ Disappearance and νe Appearance in the T2K Neutrino Beam.”  Dr de Perio, who earned his PhD at the University of Toronto, was the inaugural winner of this new prize.  He is now at Columbia University working on the XENON dark matter experiment at the INFN’s LNGS (Italy).

Dr Kei Ieki won the Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan with his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Observation of nu_mu to nu_e oscillation in the T2K experiment”.  Dr Ieki earned his PhD at the University of Kyoto.  He is now at University of Tokyo working on the MEG-II muon rare decay experiment at PSI (Switzerland).