Updated measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance

April 20, 2017

This data release pertains to this paper.

The tar file for this data release includes a README document as well as a ROOT file.
The ROOT file contains the best fit point, the $\chi^{2}=-2 \Delta \ln \mathcal{L}$ distribution, and the contours that define the 68\% and 90\% confidence regions in the $\sin^2 \theta_{23}$ Vs $\Delta m^2_{32}$ plane. All those results correspond to the simultaneous fit of the 1 ring muon-like events recorded during neutrino and antineutrino running modes. The results are given separately for the parameters describing the disappearance of muon neutrinos and of muon antineutrinos, and are provided for the normal and inverted mass hierarchy cases.